Hey guys, I love Halloween and Autumn so this october im gonna participate in blogoween. So this is as new for me since I just started my blog so bere with me


What is Blogoween?!
Blogoween is a month-long blog event that celebrates all things Halloween and Autumn! For every day in October one of the hosts has a prompt for people to participate in, but you can also use your own prompts as well.


There are three levels to this challenge;

  1. Level 1

Is basically that you can choose 13 days in the whole month to post, they don’t have to be consecutive or anything.

2.  Level 2

You have to post from the 24th-31st of October. You cannot change level.

3. Level 3

In level three you have to post  the full 31 days.If at first its to hard you can change but you need to post consecutively.

I’m gonna do Level 1. I don’t think I can post the full 31 days so im just gonna stick with the 13 for now. There is of course more info to this changed ill leave a link to the post down below so you can check it out if you want. https

As I mentioned each host will be putting their prompts up. I might use a few but if not ill just use my own.

Sign up there⬇️


The post will have more info.

Happy Reading


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